Who We Are

We commit to delivering the best because we love happy endings, it makes our work worthwhile.

We are REVOLTEK, two words joined to enhance the meaning of Revolutionary Technology, and we provide revolutionary innovation and marketing services, among other things.

We are a company that looked at the world's pace of innovation in technology and digital marketing and felt it was past time for Tanzania to do the same. We are no longer living in the dark ages when we lacked the resources to demonstrate our innovative qualities and capabilities.

We now live in a technologically advanced world, and REVOLTEK has decided to make use of that opportunity to develop and produce new products and services that will make our country proud.

Our Vision

Become one of the world's leading innovators.

Our Mission

Using innovation and technology to improve old habits.

Our Culture

We are an all-inclusive firm, and we value the culture of allowing all employees to explore their talents and abilities through a variety of experiences. We make working fun, which helps our employees compete in the market.

Our Work.

We Believe

We believe brand is the marriage of product and marketing.

One cannot live without the other.

What We Do

We create 

some of the most recognizable work in the industry.

we bring the strategic craftsmanship required to ensure that our customers' expectations are met.

We ensure that celebrities appropriately reflect a brand that they promote.We pay Attention to details of your desired event from scratch


Brand Management

REVOLTEK advises and assists our celebrities in realizing their full potential through endorsement, content creation, marketing strategies, and other business ventures. We currently manage four celebrities: Idris Sultan, Hamisa Mobetto, Juma Jux, Fatema Dewji, and Jaymondy.

Digital Marketing

REVOLTEK LIMITED is your digital success partner; we provide comprehensive digital marketing services to assist you to take your business to the next level. What is REVOLTEK and why should you use it? We are confident in our capacity because of our experience in Digital Marketing and our work with leading businesses. Any other agency can offer you deliverables, but we go above and beyond; we provide instances that demonstrate and assist your business in achieving maximum digital traffic.

We don't just tell your brand's narrative; we construct an original, distinctive identity that matches your target audience's needs and engages them in a communication-rich digital experience.

We'll collaborate closely with you to uncover fresh insights and turn them into business opportunities. With paid Ads, Online marketing, and the use of digital muscle as influencers, we assure you maximum traffic to your digital platforms.


With a team of practical designers who enjoy collecting and presenting tales that affirm a company and its audience. REVOLTEK LIMITED is a full production house with state-of-the-art tools required for excellent production operations, and it is a one-stop-shop for productions with the availability of modern tech equipment.

In Production, we deal with

Broadcast Services

TV Productions




Motion Graphics

Infographic Video and Photos

Event Coverage Video/ photo

Concept Development

Imagine developing a campaign that no one has seen before, a brand that will change people's lives forever, and a strategy that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Our Vision is to provide creative and innovative solutions for long-term growth.

Our strategic idea generation process includes the evolution of ideas from strategic thinking to the smart approach of utilizing the appropriate implementation strategies to create innovative solutions for long-term growth. Everything we do is focused on you, from the team of creatives who come up with exciting new ideas to the designers who know exactly how to make those ideas a reality. We prioritize what you need to get going, we work hard to keep you at your best, and we are committed to your brand, product, or business. That’s what REVOLTEK Runs On.

Bespoke business Development

Campaign theme

Communication strategy

Social Media Management

Our digital team develops strategies to increase your social media presence, primarily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Our team demonstrates the ability to generate awareness, broaden your company's potential reach within your target market, and contribute to social media traffic, which will ultimately result in top-line growth by engaging an audience through social media channels. REVOLTEK has over 100 social influencers, making our network the only viable option for promoting your product, service, brand, and so on.

We conduct extensive research and analysis on our clients to determine who they are and who their customers are. We can determine which social media plan best suits their customers and audience based on this analysis. We create social media plans that target the right customers while keeping the brand of our clients intact.

We Primarily focus:

Creating Engaging Social Content

Posting Company-related Updates

Promotions And Social Campaigns

Promotions And Social Campaigns

Experiential Marketing

We understand the importance of connecting with customers as an essential ingredient in ensuring they feel connected and directly involved with the brand or product, and that is why we engage in Experiential and Storm Marketing and rest assured, we are best at it. Some of our successful Experiential Marketing includes:

  • The METL’s Bajaj and Boxer activations that carried the campaign name ‘Safari Iendelee’,

  • The Zanzibar’s Mapinduzi Cup activation for Simba Sports Club

  • The Award Winning ‘Ni Zaidi ya Furaha’ Campaign which was a Simba Day Storm activation for Simba Sports Club.


Best Digital Media Campaign-2022

"Ni Zaidi Ya Furaha Campaign"

Featured Work

More than +100 brands are already partners to improve their brand power 

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